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How Much Do Lawyers Charge?


How much do Attorneys Charge?

The fee will be determined by the lawyer based on your legal matter and what you are able to afford. There are various types of fee arrangements that are possible. You will have to discuss fees and agree on payment options at the initial consultation. You may want to ask for a written explanation of the fees and payment structure you agreed on. 

We will only refer you to a lawyer on the Modest Means panel if we believe, based on the documentation you provide, that you are willing and able to pay something for the lawyer’s legal services.  Attorneys through the Modest Means Program are not free. 

 How are the lawyers chosen for individual cases?

We keep a list of lawyers who have agreed to reduce what they charge for prescreened referrals through this Modest Means Program.  We attempt to find a lawyer in as convenient a location for you as possible. 


Do I have to hire the lawyer to whom I am referred?

You are not obligated to hire the lawyer you are referred to, and the lawyer is also not required to take your case.


Is there a charge for a referral? 

The State Bar may not charge you a fee for the referral service; however, the lawyer may charge a  fee for the initial  consultation. 


What types of cases are accepted on a reduced fee basis?

The Modest Means Program refers cases in the following areas of practice:

Chapter 7
Chapter 13
Foreclosure Defense

Criminal Law:
Ordinance Violations
Pre-charging consultations
Traffic Offenses

Consumer Law:
Construction Contracts
Consumer Fraud
Identity Theft
Insurance Policy Disputes
Small Claims

Power of Attorney

Family Law:
Child Support
Cohabital Property Division
Grandparent’s Rights
Termination of Parental Rights


What types of cases are not eligible for a modest means referral?

Generally, any case that may result in you suing for a monetary award or damages is not eligible for a reduced fee referral (personal injury, medical malpractice, etc).


Personal injuries can occur in a wide range of accidents; however leading causes of personal injuries can be attributed to:







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